DUELLE (UNE QUARANTAINE) (Jacques Rivette, 1976)

Duelle is one of Jacques Rivette’s dreamiest, most elegant, most evocative “created realities.” Unfolding in an eerily vacated Paris, symbolical and expressionistic, beginning on the last night of winter’s new moon, it suggests a level of unconsciousness that’s lit, sparingly, from a yet deeper level of unconsciousness. It begins with the sound of an unseen […]


Out of the crack of the moon, a lizard slips, salmon-pink, brown-spotted, and is instantly devoured by my sainted cat. The walls, though upright, lie still; glasses touch, creating a ripple of sound, a touch of unease, the loss of an eye, the drop of the moon, a terrible song underneath the earth. We barely […]

THE MAN WITH A CROSS (Roberto Rossellini, 1943)

The rough, powerful conclusion to his so-called Fascist Trilogy, Roberto Rossellini’s L’uomo dalla croce revolves around an Italian priest, a humble military chaplain, who ministers to the wounded and the dying, and Russians scrambling for refuge after being shelled from their homes, in a bombed-out shack on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. […]