THE BIRDS (Alfred Hitchcock, 1963)

Criminal attorney Mitch Brenner lives a divided existence between urban and rural California: in San Francisco, where he practices law; in Bodega Bay, where his widowed mother, Lydia, feeling “abandoned” by her spouse, is ever fearful of Mitch’s “abandonment” as well. Therefore, she does her best to tighten the tie between them, even if this […]

SNOW-WHITE (Dave Fleischer, 1933)

Produced by Max Fleischer and directed by brother Dave, their Snow-White is a masterpiece of animation. The “dwarfs” are (thank goodness!) banished to the briefest edge of the action (and to the Mystery Cave, where they deposit Snow-White to protect her from her stepmother’s jealous wrath), and the Prince is eliminated entirely; from the Grimm […]