YOLANDA AND THE THIEF (Vincente Minnelli, 1945)

Slack, shallow, almost bereft of any entertainment value, Yolanda and the Thief is the worst film by Vincente Minnelli that doesn’t star Barbra Streisand. It is a musical romance where most of the “romance” is offscreen (I guess), despite Fred Astaire’s lead role contains only two dances, and—this, the year after Meet Me in St. […]

SANAM (Rafi Pitts, 2000)

An elliptical parable with something of the force and beauty of Ford and Fernández’s The Fugitive (1947), but with more political punch, Rafi Pitts’s Sanam, from Iran, proceeds at a solemn pace, through deceptively quiet, seemingly half-submerged emotional territory, to a haunting, incendiary finish. It won for Pitts best film prizes at Paris, Vesoul, Valencia, […]