The reason that I haven’t delivered my usual “bests” in film for 2012 is that I saw no 2012 films during the year and have seen only two since (both of them documentaries), and the reason for that is that I’ve spent long stretches of time in hospitals and nursing centers. I am ill; I have had pneumonia, a heart attack, and renal failure, and I can barely walk, and I am legally blind. I can barely make out my computer keyboard any longer, but I plan on writing reviews for as long as I can. I had hoped to copy onto this blog my published essay on Edward Albee’s brilliant play Tiny Alice, especially for the chance to correct an error there; but, unfortunately, that may be impossible now. A series of additional surgeries and other medical procedures await—and all this terrifies me; but I will do my best to cope with fear and despair—and, of course, I remain glad to be alive.


One thought on “STATEMENT

  1. very sorry to read this post
    if there is anything i can do, appreciative reader that i am, please let me know
    i intend to be making use of this site and your book for many years to come, and i thank you for your brilliant efforts
    i wish you better, i wish you well

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