POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES (Frank Capra, 1961) and LADY FOR A DAY (Frank Capra, 1933)

Pocketful of Miracles, from a Damon Runyan story, did not fare well with reviewers; their savaging of it convinced Frank Capra, its director, to retire from filmmaking. It is overlong, opulent and inflated, in the reigning Hollywood style of its day. Everyone agrees that its Great Depression fairy tale about Dave the Dude and Apple […]

MY TEHRAN FOR SALE (Granaz Moussavi, 2009)

There is considerable value in My Tehran for Sale’s tackling the topic and the milieu that it does. Iran today is so repressive that young Iranians must “go underground” to participate in raves and other forms of youthful expression; the state does not allow such activities. Progressive theater is likewise forbidden. The protagonist of writer-director […]