CHRONICLE OF AN ESCAPE (Adrián Caetano, 2006)

Signed with his full name, Israel Adrián Caetano, the superlative Uruguay-born Argentinean filmmaker of Pizza, Beer, Cigarettes (1998) and Bolivia (2001) this time has made a film that has considerably less to recommend it—that is, apart for us Americans, a reminder of what evils the current U.S. administration has embraced. In Buenos Aires in 1977, […]

PIZZA, BEER, SMOKES (Bruno Stagnaro, Adrián Caetano, 1998)

Adrián Caetano, the gifted young Argentine who wrote and directed Bolivia (2001), earlier co-wrote and co-directed, along with Bruno Stagnaro, Pizza, birra, faso. The culture of boys in their late teens, pressure-cooked by their environment, a Rio de Janeiro slum, is colorfully and convincingly presented—careless lives, steeped in petty crime, amidst slang and obscenities. Sandwiched […]