THE CONVICTION (Marco Bellocchio, 1990)

Written in collaboration with psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli, Marco Bellocchio’s La condanna matches key to key to suggest the extent to which architect Lorenzo Colajanni’s rape of art student Sandra Celestini, inside the locked Farnese Castle art gallery at night, may also have been a kind of collaboration. At closing time, having exited with her class […]

VINCERE (Marco Bellocchio, 2009)

A Pirandellan air permeates Vincere, which means to win, to overcome, written (along with Daniela Ceselli) and directed by the maker of Enrico IV (1984), Marco Bellocchio. Mockingly aping his father, dictator Benito Mussolini, after one of Mussolini’s exaggerated speeches, Mussolini’s son, also named Benito (Filippo Timi plays both characters), goes insane under a combinate […]

THE WEDDING DIRECTOR (Marco Bellocchio, 2007)

Franco Elica (Sergio Castellitto, perfect) is a fiftysomething filmmaker who augments his income by videographing weddings. At one such wedding, he is supposed to shoot the scene in “the Visconti style”—“like Il Gattopardo,” a member of the groom’s party chimes in. But wait: Does this really happen at all? Marco Bellocchio’s Il regista di matrimoni […]

CHINA IS NEAR (Marco Bellocchio, 1967)

The dysfunctional family in Marco Bellocchio’s second feature, La Cina è vicina, which Bellocchio co-wrote with Elda Tattoli, is a whole lot funnier than the dysfunctional family in his first one, Fists in the Pocket (1965). Glauco Mauri is beautifully bedeviled as Vittorio, a political science professor who is guiltily entrenched in aristocracy and massive […]