SHORT CUTS (Robert Altman, 1993)

Within a common location, the zigzag orchestration of separate though related and overlapping “stories” became a trademark style of Robert Altman’s. In Short Cuts, co-written by Frank Barhydt, it achieves a very rich flowering, a brilliant dynamism, shrewd coherence and absolutely revelatory unity. For all the L.A. stories by Raymond Carver it juggles (ten, actually), […]

BEYOND THERAPY (Robert Altman, 1987)

Among Robert Altman’s 1980s theatrical adaptations, and hilarious, Beyond Therapy has been widely maligned, at least in the States. Christopher Durang and Altman’s script comes from Durang’s play, though Altman’s extensive changes led Durang to all but disown the final result, giving reviewers cover for their venom—although some of them took the occasion to dump […]