COLLEGE (Buster Keaton, James W. Horne, 1927)

College, an underrated silent slapstick comedy, resolves its ridiculous plot with a formally brilliant and profoundly moving illustration of the limits a boy can bust through for the girl he loves. Ronald, beautifully played by Buster Keaton, as his high school class valedictorian irks Mary (pert, lovely Ann Cornwall), the girl he desires, with his […]

COPS (Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline, 1922)

Buster Keaton’s funny short silent “Cops” follows a boy, played by Keaton, who is out to “prove himself” to his girl, who insists she won’t marry him until he becomes a successful businessman—the “respectable” bourgeois American ideal. Buster tries; but his day’s misadventures reveal the tension between his desire to please his cold-hearted girl and […]