THE STILTS (Carlos Saura, 1984)

“It can’t be true,” Ángel, a professor and playwright, mutters as his eyes catch a photograph of his wife and daughters, all of whom have just died. Neighbor Terese, a schoolteacher young enough to be his daughter, thwarts Ángel’s suicide attempt and invites him to dinner with herself, her lover, Alberto, and their young daughter. […]

TANGO, NO ME DEJES NUNCA (Carlos Saura, 1998)

Made by Spain’s Carlos Saura, this Argentinian co-production is a Chinese-boxed movie: a film about the filming of a musical in which, taking over, art becomes life. Art also is memory, and in this case the film, as well as the film-within-the-film, reflects Argentina’s dark political history and, connected to that history, the theme of […]

ELISA, MY LIFE (Carlos Saura, 1977)

Geraldine Chaplin, Carlos Saura’s companion and Charlie’s daughter, haunts in Cría cuervos (1975), but she gives her finest performance in another one of Saura’s most brilliant nonmusicals: Elisa, vida mía. Again Chaplin plays two parts: Elisa, and Elisa’s mother. One must also note that Fernando Rey, tremendous here as Elisa’s father, also delivers his greatest […]