DOWN THERE (Chantal Äkerman, 2006)

Interviewer: “[S]o many of your films have to do with travel and moving from place to place—” Chantal Äkerman: “You mean nomadisme. Well, I’m Jewish. That’s all. So I’m in exile all the time. Wherever we go, we are in exile. Even in Israel, we are in exile.” Traditionally, documentaries “document” external realities. In 2006, […]

A COUCH IN NEW YORK (Chantal Äkerman, 1996)

Dr. Henry Harriston maintains a posh practice as a psychoanalyst in his spacious Manhattan apartment, but, lately, his heart hasn’t been in it. His “clients” have beseiged his confidence with their life-problems and neuroses, and his morose apartment-mate, Edgar the Dog, has taken to sleeping most of the time as though he, too, were a […]

JE, TU, IL, ELLE (Chantal Äkerman, 1976)

The occasion of Belgian-born Chantal Äkerman’s “I, You, He, She,” made when Äkerman was in her mid-twenties, is a romantic breakup that has left Julie, played by Äkerman herself, in a state of emotional chaos. However, Äkerman’s voiceover locates the images sometime in the past; in the present, Äkerman/Julie’s voice is calm, low-keyed and deliberate, […]