OUR MOTHER’S HOUSE (Jack Clayton, 1967)

“Please, Hugh. The little ones mustn’t see we’ve been crying.” — Elsa Written by Jeremy Brooks and Israeli actress Haya Harareet from Julian Gloag’s novel, Our Mother’s House begins with the self-sufficiency of the seven Hook children whose mother, bedridden, is dying. This bible-thumping fanatic is shielding herself and her children from her promiscuous past […]

ROOM AT THE TOP (Jack Clayton, 1958)

Although mainstream, Room at the Top, from John Braine’s first novel, owes something to the British Free Cinema movement and itself launched the “kitchen-sink” genre. It was deemed most radical for divesting British cinema of its traditional sexual reticence; but what astounds me is its employment of a bomb-blasted northern slum as a metaphor for […]

THE INNOCENTS (Jack Clayton, 1961)

Rarely do financial and artistic success coincide at the movies, but one can probably attribute the box-office failure of The Innocents, a thriller that has acquired over time the status of a near classic, to the triumphant live television production just two years earlier based on the same source material, Henry James’s 1898 novella The […]