LET THERE BE LIGHT (John Huston, 1946)

Through the end of August 2012, this film, fully restored, is available for free viewing on the National Film Preservation Foundation website. John Huston, who hated war and made the single greatest American film about it, the documentary San Pietro (1945), followed up that masterpiece with another, even more overwhelmingly moving documentary, Let There Be […]

A WALK WITH LOVE AND DEATH (John Huston, 1969)

Although he eventually directed her to a richly deserved Oscar for her sly, manipulative Maerose in the satirical crime comedy Prizzi’s Honor (1985), John Huston openly regretted starring teenaged daughter Anjelica, in A Walk with Love and Death, too early. In the face of the largely derisive notices Anjelica received, the elder Huston felt guilt. […]

BAD BOY BUBBY (Rolf de Heer, 1993)

From Australia and Italy, Bad Boy Bubby revolves around 35-year-old “Bubby,” whose mental and emotional growth have been stunted by his mother’s having kept him imprisoned, in the dark, dank apartment they share, under threat of the “poisonous” air outside that would kill him. Meanwhile, Mother has made Bubby, whom she relentlessly abuses both physically […]

WE WERE STRANGERS (John Huston, 1949)

After witnessing the assassination of her younger brother, a college student activist, by the chief of President Gerardo Machado y Morales’s secret police, China Valdés joins a group plotting the assassination of the two men, and other high officials they also deem reactionary, at a state funeral they themselves have pressed by assassinating a legislator. […]