ON DANGEROUS GROUND (Nicholas Ray, Ida Lupino, 1950, 1951)

Detective James Wilson (Robert Ryan, brilliant) has been a cop for eleven years. ”All we ever see,” a fellow L.A.P.D. officer explains, “is crooks, murderers, winos, stoolies, dames all with an angle. You get so you think everybody’s like that. Till you find out different, it’s kind of a lonely life. . . . Jim […]

JUNIOR BONNER (Sam Peckinpah, 1972)

In Sam Peckinpah’s heart-grazing Junior Bonner, Steve McQueen, achingly sweet and complex, gives the performance of a lifetime as Junior “JR” Bonner, a rodeo circuit cowboy visiting hometown Prescott, Arizona, for its Fourth of July Frontier Days, which gives him another shot at lasting eight seconds on bucking Sunshine and at seeing his estranged parents, […]