HIGH SIERRA (Raoul Walsh, 1941)

There isn’t one of us who is unfamiliar with High Sierra, the good, solid film directed by Raoul Walsh from a script by John Huston and W. R. Burnett, adapted from the latter’s novel. This is the one about Roy Earle, a thief whose toughness invites the press nickname of “Mad Dog” that his streaks […]

THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (Raoul Walsh, 1940)

Taking their cue from a mindless “featurette” that has been affixed to the recently released DVD of Raoul Walsh’s estimable They Drive by Night, writers have been leaving readers with the false impression that the film lacks unity, is incoherent. Film historians and “critics” (really, reviewers), interviewed, recite some obvious facts, and, following the cues […]