Here is an English translation of Géza Csáth’s story “Anyagyilkosság,” on which János Szász’s film “The Witman Boys” is based. Hungarian educator and film scholar Judith Sollosy is the translator. Following the story you will find a note about the translator. Matricide for Ernő Osvát If the father of healthy and handsome boys dies before […]

THE WITMAN BOYS (János Szász, 1997)

János Szász’s Woyzeck (1994) is brilliant; but how good a filmmaker would Hungary’s Szász prove to be without the Büchner to work with? Answer: damn good. Evidence: Witman fiúk.      At the turn of the century, two bourgeois schoolboys, János and Ernö Witman, lose their father. They more or less also lose their mother, who either […]