News has just arrived of the death of Chilean-born Râúl Ruiz, one of the world’s most intriguing filmmakers. Below are my blog entries on some of his films, which I’ve arranged in the order in which the films were made. — Dennis HYPOTHESIS OF THE STOLEN PAINTING (1978) Perhaps the two most dazzling and brilliant […]

THAT DAY (Râúl Ruiz, 2003)

“Something’s just not right here.” — understatement uttered upon finding a dinner table populated by ten or so freshly murdered familiar souls Alternately frightening and hilarious, writer-director Râúl Ruiz’s Ce jour-là revolves around the attempt—by her family, the police and the government—to eliminate heiress Livia and appropriate her upcoming fortune, property and power in “Switzerland, […]

TIME REGAINED (Râúl Ruiz, 1999)

Chilean exile-in-France Râúl Ruiz’s Le temps retrouvé, d’après l’oeuvre de Marcel Proust adapts the last book of Proust’s autobiographical magnum opus, Á la recherché du temps perdu. Considerable irony is lost in the softened and objectified English translation of Proust’s title: Remembrance of Things Past. Those anticipating a film that silkenly weaves a tapestry of […]

KLIMT (Râúl Ruiz, 2006)

Chilean-born Râúl Ruiz’s Klimt is—imaginatively, not literally—about Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, who died of syphilis in 1918. Since the producers have cut a half hour from it, I cannot say whether this action hurt or helped Ruiz’s vision; but, for me, the truncated version is brilliant, even essential for grasping the complex possibilities of the […]