DRAGNET GIRL (Yasujiro Ozu, 1933)

From a row of hats on hooks on an office wall, one pops off as though a poltergeist were at play; this fedora is light, whereas the others are dark. Recalling Pudovkin’s The End of St. Petersburg (1927), an overhead shot of workers from this office depart for the day, their stark shadows competing with […]

THE LADY AND THE BEARD (Yasujiro Ozu, 1931)

“All great men have beards!” Kiichi Okajima declares, citing Charles Darwin and Karl Marx; but bearded, traditionally garbed Kiichi was born in the twentieth century, while Darwin and Marx lived and died in the preceding century—and elsewhere than in Japan. Yasujiro Ozu’s comedy Shukujo to hige charts the gradual entrance of this old-fashioned young man […]