TELL ME SOMETHING (Chang Youn-Hyun, 2000)

Chang Youn-Hyun’s grisly serial killer-thriller and police procedural Telmisseomding is no High and Low (1963), let me tell you; Akira Kurosawa’s spirit can rest easy. The South Korean film is, however, as terrifying as anything you might wish to see for Halloween, even if, like cowardly me, you find yourself blocking your view from time […]

LA CEREMONIE (Claude Chabrol, 1995)

Engrossing, ultimately stunning, La cérémonie unfolds along a class divide between maidservant and rich employers, the working class and the bourgeoisie. Claude Chabrol’s film was named best foreign-language film by the National Society of Film Critics and the critics in Los Angeles.      Sophie, tormented by illiteracy, which her employers don’t know about, goes to work […]